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Here we have collected the most salient examples of our work

Awagro Style - portfolio
Representative office of the world chemical concern BASF


Search engine optimization website of the official representative of the BASF concern in Belarus. The project is distinguished by its complex structure, narrow and specialized topics, requiring special knowledge of the specifics of the products

Orange Bird is a full-service marketing agency

Orange Bird

Adaptive layout "pixel perfect" with animation elements for the marketing agency corporate website from the Netherlands

water purification systems www.belaquaphor.by


Set of works on SEO-optimization of the site across the entire range of thematic queries. Work was carried out to improve the usability of the resource and developed a plan for software optimization of the site code.

lawyers and legal practitioners buro24.by

Law Group “Buro 24”

Launch of an advertising campaign in Yandex and Google. The client came with an advertising campaign, but far from being perfect. We have optimized requests, written exclusive ads, developed a unique advertising strategy.

Men's and women's jackets for the harsh climate kupialasku.by

ALASKA Apolloget

Landing Page with online store elements for the first importer. The purpose of the site - to sell, but the range is too small for a full online store. Therefore, it was decided to create a one-page site. The highlight of the site - a product card with a choice of size, color scheme and order processing.

JSC «GomelTransneft Drujba» – main oil pipeline

JSC «GomelTransneft Drujba»

Development and launch of search and banner advertising campaign in the regions of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan 

Nurses for your family bliz.by


Comprehensive promotion of the social project The closest to you. To increase conversion rates on the site were carried out work to improve usability and adapt the resource for mobile devices. Plus, banner advertising and remarketing were involved. 

unique gift store ideashop.by


PPC advertising for online store of original gifts and souvenirs. The purpose of promotion: increase of recognizability of store, online orders. The main emphasis in advertising was made on banner advertising in Yandex networks with fascinating design creations.

dental clinic albadent.by

Dentistry "Albadent"

Contextual advertising, improvements to the site. Promotion of advanced dentistry by means of contextual advertising. In order to increase the number of conversions, numerous technical improvements were introduced on the website.  

animal feed кормбош.бел

Feed Bosch

Contextual advertising for the first importer of Bosch, Totally Ferret and Sanabelle premium feeds. The main task is to convert from the website and increase recognition of the Bosch brand. Carefully selected target audience for the advertising campaign allowed us to achieve high results.

poured floors newfloor.by


Creation of a single-page website for the company engaged in the construction of floors. The task of this resource is to visually display the variants of polymer coatings and their advantages, collect applications. We easily coped with the task and developed a colorful and informative resource on Tilda.

Official website of the Olympiad MATH OPEN

Official website of the Olympiad MATH OPEN

The goal is to create an attractive and, most importantly, understandable and convenient website for the participants of the Olympiad with an accessible application form. And, of course, modern adaptive and responsive design!

Range of consulting services in the field of investment management casainvest.by

European Real Estate and Investment Centre

Site-card for the European Investment Center. Project purpose: to tell about the company and collect applications of those interested in foreign investments. The individual design and convenient structure were developed. Easy, fast and affordable solution on Tilda

Engineering in Industrial Power global-i.by

Global integration

Development of corporate website for Minsk engineering company Global Integration. The site is designed following the latest trends in web development. The resource is notable for its speed of operation and convenient, clear interface. 

Construction services in Colorado coreandsaw.com

Core Saw

Goal: Development of a resource with the subsequent setup of Google advertising for the Colorado region. A unique design was proposed to solve the problem: placement on the first screen of a specific service thematic's photo;  Development themed icons for all services; Optimization of page loading speed.

All for ovens pechnik.by


Development of an online store for the sale of iron furnace castings and related products. The project has a memorable design and a large variety of product items. It is also notable for its convenient  and quick order of products through the website.

Website development for Bagenamed Clinic

Website development and comprehensive promotion of Bagenamed Clinic

Site "Under Key" for center for addiction treatment on Wordpress. Focus on the most simple yet original design, which is completely convenient for the target audience of the site

Website development gprsystems.us

Website development and advertising GPR Services

Create an English-language adaptive lending service for the Colorado concrete scanning service. The purpose of lending is to receive maximum requests for services

Design of gas supply systems and torso works in the Republic of Belarus bgtg.by

Adaptive Layout for NII Belgigrotogaz site

Design and implementation of a convenient and proctic mobile version of the site, realization of works on optimization of the loading speed of the resource. Development and implementation of optimized 3D animation

Promotion of the Internet store “Senior Warrant Officer”

Development and promotion of "Senior Warrant Officer"

Complex: from development to demand creation using all promotion tools: social networks, SEO, context advertising

Online shop strollers La Baby

Online shop strollers La Baby

Development of a modern and practical interface for buying online baby strollers and accessories. Thanks to the comprehensive promotion (SEO, context and targeted advertising), we got a successful and selling project

Intro for the american clothing brand

Intro for the american brand

Developed concept, model and video series for American clothing and accessories brand

Corporate site of BR-TRADE

Website for service BR-TRADE

Developed a concept site for service on collection and disposal of used oils «Br-Trade». The main task is to collect applications for the export of used oil on the territory of the Russian Federation. Try to make the planet a bit cleaner!

Site of official distributor Kerabit

Catalogue site product Kerabit

Developed a site for the official distributor of roofing materials Kerabit in Belarus. With the help of feedback forms the user can leave a request for miscalculation of any type of roof

Group of companies OPLOT

Group of companies OPLOT

Development of the logo and corporate style for the Oplot group of companies. Adaptive design and layout of lending according to the finished prototype. Site raisin - a quiz designed to achieve the main objective of the lending (collection of bids for the installation of balcony frames)

Video 3D animation promo video

Video 3D animation

Model development, stage design, motion animation and video editing

3d modeling for Pinskdrev

3D modeling for Pinskdrev

Development of 3D models of corpus furniture collections for catalogue of the manufacturer’s site and advertising materials

Video presentation of refrigeration equipment Freor

Video presentation of refrigeration equipment

Full range of 3D modeling, graphics and editing services for the video presentation of the company’s innovative equipment Freor

Video for a holographic fan

Video for a holographic fan

Creation of a video for the presentation of the article on a holographic fan using visual effects

Site company STANT

Stant Crepe integrated promotion

Comprehensive work with Stant website has brought him to the top as a metiz wholesaler and fastener. Work consists of operational technical improvements, website administration, SEO optimization and context advertising.

National Postal Operator RB

BMR "Belpochta"

Contextual and targeted advertising. The purpose of the advertising campaign was to attract to the site potential customers of a number of products and new services of the enterprise. The problem was solved by qualitative implementation and customization of contextual and targeted advertising

Online furniture store

Online furniture store "Fashion Furniture"

Development of an online store of beautiful furniture and household items. The complexity of the resource lies in the high volume of marketable products, which require an individual kind of partitions and cards as well as different filtering.

Advertising Fancy Clover

Fancy Clover

Administration and SEO-promotion of the site of the Belarusian brand of unique design jewellery. Timely placement of new collections on the site. SEO resource promotion.

Realization and installation of balcony frames and fittings balconov.by


Development of a site providing glazing services of loggias and balconies in the city of Mogilev. The site is notable for its interesting design, exclusive theme and a number of non-standard solutions implemented on the site

Promotion of

Promotion of "Zaslonov" restaurant

Collection of lids for the Zabloon restaurant by targeted advertising. Customization and launching of contextual advertising for restoration services

Advertising shop Veloplaneta

comprehensive movement Veloplaneta

Working with the project from redesign to promotion and administration. Conducting contextual advertising, designing banners for different sites

Advertising for Decoria

Advertising for DECORIA

Promotion of PVC tiles gaining popularity in RB. Development of strategy, use of non-standard tools of contextual advertising. Targeted advertising

3D-modeling for Fonderia.by

3D-modeling for Fonderia

Development of 3d-models of casting facilities

Developing a portal Nada.by

Portal for the National Anti-doping Agency

Design and development of the site of the national anti-doping agency. Implementation of the training and testing module, creation of a fully adaptive version of the site

Context advertising for

Advertising clinic "Favorite Doctor""

Contextual advertisement for the Medical Center. Launch and moderation in all Centre Specializations

Web development “Orbit”

Web development “Orbit”

Creation of a site to implement PVC windows. A feature is the development of a window calculator that calculates the total cost of the window

Web development oplot.by

Corporate site Oplot

Creation of a site on CMS Wordpress for the company selling plastic doors. The aim is to ensure sales of doors only, separate from windows. Promotion of lamination and dyeing services

Targeted advertising  Verrine

Targeted advertising for bakery/ Verrine

Development of the strategy of promotion of the new bakery in Minsk. Design of the account. Customized advertising to attract new customers to the confectionery

Advertising shop Evrotkani

Contextual and targeted advertising for EVROTKANI

Complex promotion of Italian fabrics and fittings shop in Minsk. Advertising of all products and infowater. Online shopping and offline sales

Web development site Vokny.by

Landing Vokny.by

Creation of bilingual lending to implement the PVC window in Mogilev. Prototype provided by the client. Adaptive design and layout

Targeted advertising for Planet Health

Targeted advertising for Planet Health

Promotion of the network of pharmacies in the territory of Republic of Belarus through targeted advertising. Share announcements, info-tips, attracting new clients and subscribers to the account

3d modeling for wok.by

Video for 3D Видео 3D fan for the network WOK

Creation of a visual effects video series for the holographic 3D projector

3d modeling kitchen

ЗD-modeling kitchen for Ivoland Trade

Creation of a 3D sample kitchen for placement on the site of the furniture company Ivoland Trade

Promotion service “Fonderia 2”

Development 3D-modeling for Fonderia.by

Development 3D-modeling object for объектов для foundry work

3d моделирование

3D-modeling for CJSC Volna

Development of a 3D model of the electrical workshop complex for presentation

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