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3D Animation


Awagro Style - 3D - анимирование
  • 3D animation, image videos, promo videos
  • Video for holographic fan
  • Animating vector graphics
  • Interactive 3D presentations
  • Video instructions for assembly and installation
  • Intro for videos and presentations

Creation of 3D models, images and video for a holographic projector

  • Term

    from 3 days

  • The cost per model

    Price available upon request

  • Projects completed


We will create, according to your wishes, photorealistic 3D models, videos and images with eye-catching visual effects for any type of holographic fans. The shortest creation time and photorealistic quality of the models. 3D (3D) -fan, or holographic 3D projector, is an ultra-modern equipment that allows you to create a three-dimensional image floating in the air, which amazes with clarity, depth and brightness of colors. This type of advertising is beginning to be widely popular in stores, showrooms, cafes, at exhibitions and during presentations. With this technology, the wow effect is guaranteed.

Creation of image videos, commercials, video 3D instructions for assembly or installation

  • Term

    from 5 days

  • The cost per model

    Price available upon request

  • Projects completed


We will carry out professional video filming, according to a scenario previously thought out by our authors. We will model modern 3D animations and edit them into the perfect video sequence. Video animation of objects allows you to quickly and clearly demonstrate your products or make a presentation. Do you want to find investors for real estate projects or make a brilliant presentation? Perhaps you are selling complex dimensional equipment? Thanks to our service, you can clearly imagine the ergonomics of the object and contemplate its advantages and disadvantages. Our promotional videos will allow you to visually demonstrate your products or equipment from the advantageous side, simplify the installation procedure, enhance the company's image, or simply allow you to sell more!

Intro for the american clothing brand

Intro for the american brand

Developed concept, model and video series for American clothing and accessories brand

Video 3D animation promo video

Video 3D animation

Model development, stage design, motion animation and video editing

3d modeling for Pinskdrev

3D modeling for Pinskdrev

Development of 3D models of corpus furniture collections for catalogue of the manufacturer’s site and advertising materials

Video presentation of refrigeration equipment Freor

Video presentation of refrigeration equipment

Full range of 3D modeling, graphics and editing services for the video presentation of the company’s innovative equipment Freor

Video for a holographic fan

Video for a holographic fan

Creation of a video for the presentation of the article on a holographic fan using visual effects

3D-modeling for Fonderia.by

3D-modeling for Fonderia

Development of 3d-models of casting facilities

3d modeling for wok.by

Video for 3D Видео 3D fan for the network WOK

Creation of a visual effects video series for the holographic 3D projector

3d modeling kitchen

ЗD-modeling kitchen for Ivoland Trade

Creation of a 3D sample kitchen for placement on the site of the furniture company Ivoland Trade

Promotion service “Fonderia 2”

Development 3D-modeling for Fonderia.by

Development 3D-modeling object for объектов для foundry work

3d моделирование

3D-modeling for CJSC Volna

Development of a 3D model of the electrical workshop complex for presentation

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