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About us

We are a software outsourcing company from Belarus that has a multi-discipline team of technical consultants, developers and designers specializing in web development, web design and mobile application development.

We pay maximum attention to solution architecture and code quality. By constantly mastering new technologies and approaches we ensure you'll get a high quality product.

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission is to deliver maximum business value to our customers by designing, developing, implementing and maintaining efficient and high quality software solutions. Our values include client and employee satisfaction, social and business responsibility, as well as the use of industry’s best practices to unleash the potential of our employees, create trust and increase operational efficiency.

Our Advantages:

  1. End-to-End Services comprising prototyping, creative design, development, QA and testing activities, support and maintenance.
  2. Agile methodology such as Scrum.
  3. Individually Tailored Collaboration Approach offering flexible payment methods and contract terms.
  4. 24/7 Superior Customer Service.
  5. High quality and competitive prices.
our services

Information Architecture & User Experience

Every website starts with a wireframe. Our Belarusian team of UX experts provide detailed blueprints for websites.

What we deliver:

  1. Specification
  2. Static mockups (sketches)
  3. Clickable wireframes
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Our principles in prototyping:

  1. Websites with relevant content for your target audience
  2. User-pathways improve website conversions
  3. Improve usability with an intuitive layout

We use Axure for creating our prototypes.

Website Design

We create engaging, interactive HTML5-based designs and interactive animation that can run on any device.
We also specialize in:

  1. Graphical user interface (GUI) design
  2. Logo design and corporate identity
  3. Icon Design
  4. Flash Design
  5. Content design (banners etc.)
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Our principles in design:

  1. Responsible design
    Every web site that we create should be accessible on any screen – desktop, tablet or mobile – without compatibility issues.
  2. SEO friendly web design
    We create web sites that are friendly for both search engines and human visitors.
  3. Intuitive and easy to use
    We understand our customers’ needs and take them into account when working on website design
  4. Visually attractive
    We make our design in accordance with modern principles and trends, which allows our websites to look modern and attract more users

Delivery: Photoshop source files, ready for slicing

HTML/CSS Development

HTML and CSS are the backbone of all our web design projects, and it’s of utmost importance that every website we develop is well organized. To ensure this we use the latest HTML and CSS standards.

We will convert Photoshop web designs into quality, SEO friendly, cross browser compatible, HTML and CSS markup.

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What we guarantee:

  1. W3C compliant HTML/CSS
  2. Cross browser compatible from IE8+
  3. Responsive markup
  4. Responsive markupSemantic HTML markup of
  5. Microdata & microformats

Delivery: complete HTML/CSS/JS package

Web & Mobile Development

Our expert development team works on the cutting edge of technology and best practices. We have already developed a variety of difficult and unique projects in the Belarusian IT sphere. We are sure that we can solve any problem concerning web development with the help of our professional skills, experience and usage of the most suitable web development solutions.

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Our web development services include:

  1. Website development
  2. Web application development (including custom relation management systems, content management systems)
  3. Mobile application development
  4. Electronic commerce software development (including e-shops, web portals and ect)

All our specialists have perfect abilities to fulfill tasks with understanding of customers’ business goals and plans.

We have highly experienced in technologies such as:

  1. PHP
  2. MySQL
  3. . Net
  4. Java
  5. iOs
  6. Android

Technical Support and Maintenance

Our team of professionals offers IT support as well as maintenance and optimization services for websites both in Belarus and abroad.

We provide outsourcing services of quality website maintenance for small and middle-sized businesses.

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Our services include:

  1. Сonstant troubleshooting
  2. Content updating
  3. Functional enhancements
  4. Administration
  5. Performance analysis & optimization

Pay Per Click Advertizing

AWAGRO STYLE will make sure that Pay Per Click Advertizing is efficient and attracts new customers, visitors, and subscribers as effectively as possible.

Moreover, we can make the same target ads for the Russian speaking audience. With us Pay Per Click advertizing can be carried out in both languages simultaneously.

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  • We guarantee that the ads we create are successful and include a full range of keywords aimed at the target audience.
  • We know the needs of American customers therefore we can provide effective contextual advertizing in the USA.
  • In the course of our work we monitor competitors, collect click-through rate statistics, conduct a comprehensive analysis. The obtained data is the starting point for tailoring the advertizing campaign or the proof that the campaign meets the expectations. Using such an approach we demonstrate every decision we make is relevant.
  • We use the most recent ways of lowering Pay Per Click costs preserving high effectiveness of the ad. We make sure PPC advertizing budget is rational. As we are setting up the campaign after a while you will be getting more clicks for the same costs.

Contact AWAGRO STYLE to make each of your ads profitable.


We love what we do: thinking, designing, programming, and developing high-quality software.
We create products that are really helpful to our clients and users.

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How we work

The choice of the cooperation model relies on the peculiarities of the project, volumes of development work, integration or software testing, clarity of the requirements and the client’s involvement in the immediate project management.

Fixed price

Based on the results we plan the estimated time and volumes of work to be performed in accordance with different stages of the project. As a rule, this model is effective in case the project requirements are clearly defined. The parameters of the project, estimated delivery date and final costs of the product are fixed and can be changed only within the previously agreed procedures.

Dedicated team

According to this model, a special team of Awagro Style is chosen to work solely on the client’s project (projects). The model presupposes lasting involvement of the Awagro Style team in a project (usually no less than 3 months). Every month the client pays for the work done on the basis of the time spent by the members of the team according to the agreed rates. The client can vary the size of the team and involve/withdraw any specialist under the within the previously agreed conditions.

Time & Materials

According to this model, we offer our development and consulting services without fixed costs linked to a certain stage of the project or its delivery. The client pays for the time spent on the work on the project according to the agreed rates. The works are constantly registered, the clients receives periodic job reports (including those on request). We recommend Time & Materials model to those clients who need to enlarge their own development team for a period of time (usually up to 3 months). This model allows to easily vary the volume of project work.

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